Vinyl Cladding and Aluminium Cladding for your Home's Exterior

Types of Exterior Cladding

Exterior cladding protects buildings from extreme weather conditions. Being the outermost layer, cladding encompasses all exterior surfaces such as walls, doors, windows, trims and soffits. There are many different types of exterior cladding available today such as concrete, shingles, siding, stucco and masonry.


Siding is the most common type of exterior cladding preferred by architects and home owners. Some of the commonly used sidings include wood siding, vinyl siding and aluminium siding.

As compared to wood, aluminium and vinyl sidings come in a riot of different colours. These sidings also come in various finishes and textures resembling wood. Especially due to low cost and durability, aluminium and vinyl sidings are more popular today than wood.

Types of Wood Siding

Cedar – The role played by wood sidings in enhancing aesthetics of a building cannot be overlooked. Wood is used in a creative manner by skilled architects to achieve a grand effect. For example shakes or shingles made of wood is cut into a variety of different patterns and shapes to create beautiful designs. For this type of application, the most commonly used wood is cedar. Cedar is known for its insect, pest and rot resistance properties. The warmth and inviting log cabins are testimony to how wood can create a lovely ambience. Architects create an illusion of whole log construction using thin slices of rough log as siding.

Plywood – In order to achieve successful results, it is important to use different types of cladding in combination depending on the size of the building and design. For flooring, interior and exterior purposes, it is a good idea combining different types of wood. Plywood is a popularly used siding material for the exterior. Pre-constructed plywood sheets fill in the structural gaps perfectly and offer enhanced reinforcement.

Advantages of using plywood cladding are many. For example, this type of cladding can be used for decorative and structural purposes. Its aesthetic quality cannot be undervalued. Architects create a natural look by covering the plywood panels with a roughhewn finish. If it is going to be painted, they lend a primed finish. Plywood siding also offers improved thermal insulation, deflects noise, is cost effective and flexible enough to help with easy construction.

Vinyl Siding for home exterior

One of the greatest advantages of choosing vinyl siding for your home exterior is that it is available in an impressive range of textures and colours. As compared to most other types of exterior surfaces, vinyl lasts for a longer time. In keeping with the weather conditions, vinyl is known to contract or expand which is one of the reasons it lasts so long and does not tear, break or wear down.

Due to the simple fact that vinyl lasts for over thirty years, it is the most cost effective exterior surface available today. If a portion of the vinyl surface is damaged, you can get that portion replaced.

The most attractive feature of vinyl siding is that it is practically maintenance free. If it gets dirty, all you have to do is to wash it with water and soap. To reduce impact of mildew or mould on your vinyl, it is a good idea installing guttering in your home. This will keep moisture away from the exterior walls thereby safeguarding the siding. Today, you can find vinyl sidings that are treated specially to resist mildew and mould.

Just like wood sidings, vinyl siding also provides optimum insulation for your home. This means, it keeps your home warmer during winters and cooler during summers. It requires minimal fuss and maintenance and will remain looking fresh and new for years to come. On a long term basis, vinyl siding does the job of keeping your home looking polished and neat. Some of the vinyl siding finishes you can choose from include rough-cut cedar, wood planking, stone and stucco.

If you are looking to complement vinyl exterior cladding with vinyl accessories, you can find a range of fascia, soffit, shutters and window facings. The best architects will combine them exquisitely to lend a manicured, polished look for your home. You can create a unique street appeal by combining the right textures and colours making your home stand apart from the rest.

Vinyl siding is practically for life. If you wish to keep tweaking the appearance of your home by changing exterior cladding frequently, vinyl is not for you. If, on the other hand, you are looking for a durable and long lasting, inexpensive siding that also looks beautiful, vinyl is the perfect choice.


Another type of exterior siding commonly used in commercial and residential construction is masonry. Materials used to construct this type of exterior siding include concrete blocks and bricks. A variety of different sizes, finishes, colours and shapes of bricks are used for this purpose. Though not to the extent of bricks, concrete blocks are also available in different varieties.

Poured concrete – Sometimes, poured concrete is used for cladding exterior surfaces. This material is extremely strong and is used to construct strong buildings like military installations, jails and other secure structures. In keeping with the building plans, poured concrete is either pre-set as blocks and installed or poured in place and set.

Stucco – Made of a mix of aggregate particles and Portland cement, Stucco is spread over metal lath, frame of wood or masonry. This is a popular type of exterior cladding used predominantly because it is pest and weather resistant, attractive, durable and strong. By adding pigments or spreading the mix using textured trowels, the size of the aggregate particles can be altered to customize stucco structures.  This material is applied in less than an inch coats and is lightweight, yet very hard.

Apart from the most prominent, above mentioned types of exterior cladding, there are a few other types too such as asphalt shingles, terra cotta tiles, ceramic tiles, slate and adobe. Some creative architects also use glass bottles and other unconventional materials. Those who are environment conscious go for tires, recycled plastic and other eco-friendly exterior cladding panels to encourage green construction.


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