Vinyl Cladding and Aluminium Cladding for your Home's Exterior

Tips to Choose Cladding System for your Home

When it comes to exterior cladding, different people have different preferences. While some prefer the contemporary look, others go for the classic traditional look. If you browse through the market, you will find cladding systems suiting any type of property.

Many factors must be taken into consideration as you choose the right cladding. Cladding is much more than just enhancing the street appeal. You can achieve short and long term benefits by choosing the right cladding. Apart from improving aesthetics, cladding keeps your home weather tight and improves its saleability and value. Get ready to stamp your own personal style on the property by creatively choosing the exterior cladding.

Here are a few factors to consider as you purchase appropriate cladding for your property.

Choosing the right materials – Frequently, newer cladding materials continue to be released in the market. There are plenty of choices and you must take time researching your options before settling on one. To ensure that your home looks beautiful, it is also important to take into consideration its architectural style.

Cladding material choices – When it comes to cladding system, the most important decision is regarding the material to be used. There are plenty of choices out there. Here are a few of the most popularly used cladding materials today –

  • Timber is a highly resilient and versatile cladding material that can withstand any climatic condition. Timber can be used to lend a classic or contemporary weatherboarding effect. It can be matched to any colour through staining or painting. This material however requires careful periodic maintenance. To keep it looking fresh and weather tight, timber must be painted with good quality paint at least once in couple of years. Homeowners using cedar can leave it unpainted. Even if exposed to elements, cedar turns into an attractive silver grey colour.
  • A classic, traditional choice, brick veneer is known for its durability and performance. This material is chosen for its aesthetic appeal. Though an expensive option, brick veneer is a good investment as it lasts for a long time and requires little or no maintenance.
  • For home owners looking for a budget-friendly option, man-made weatherboarding is the ideal choice. This material can be installed vertically or horizontally and requires very low maintenance.  It lends a classic look and is watertight.
  • Stone is a popular choice among those who wish to make their homes look traditional. Though natural stone cladding has always been expensive, today manufacturers continue to develop pocket-friendly products using latest techniques. The top manufacturers make extremely thin natural stone slabs that are ready to lay. As compared to the thicker stone, these pre-cut pieces are easy to install, reducing greatly on noise due to cutting. As each square meter requires lesser amount of stone, these slabs are not very expensive.
  • Homes that are designed in contemporary style with sharp, clean lines require the highly flexible metal cladding. Metal cladding is usually done with materials like aluminium or zinc alloy. Being very sturdy and durable, this type of cladding lasts for a long time even when exposed to extremely severe weather conditions. Aluminium is one of the most popularly used metals especially because it is light in weight. As compared to copper or steel, aluminium weighs about a third.
  • For many architects and home owners today, concrete is a preferred cladding choice. Even though this material was quite mundane a few decades back, today is back in popular demand. This is because; concrete is very versatile and is a great insulator. Concrete can be sandblasted, polished, washed, treated with acid, textured and smoothed. Photo concrete is a type of concrete that allows for incorporation of photographic images.

Before choosing a cladding system for your home, it pays to do a thorough research. This is because there are plenty of options available in the market ranging from the basic varieties to the sophisticated high-tech systems. Homeowners must choose exterior cladding systems that are easy on maintenance, budget-friendly, robust and appealing. It is important to skilfully balance budget and quality. Cheaper cladding systems may include low quality products that may discolour or warp under certain weather conditions.

What is the latest trend in cladding?

The most trending, popular materials used for cladding today are weather board, timber and brick veneer. Apart from enjoying perennial appeal, these materials are long lasting and easy to maintain. Skilled architects use them to add character and aesthetic appeal to buildings.

For interior walls, painted weatherboarding is a popular choice. Especially in areas of your home where traffic is high, the sturdy, strong and resilient weatherboard is just perfect. This cladding withstands any amount of hard wearing.

Brick or any other stone cladding is long lasting. Timber is also considered to be sustainable and is used to enhance the aesthetic appeal of homes. When it comes to stones, it is a good idea sourcing them locally. Buying imported stones is not a good idea. In case there is damage and you need replacement stones, you may not find them easily. As compared to local stones, imported ones are expensive too.

Most modern homes today make a strong aesthetic statement. To create a point of difference, expert architects use different designs and materials. Concrete and metal are used to clad buildings in different hues, textures and finishes to create a spectacular effect.

Exquisitely linking outdoor and indoor spaces

One of the latest design features is to link outdoor and indoor spaces by creating stone feature walls. This helps extend exterior cladding indoors and look elegant and stunning. Interior of homes enjoy the extended external element. If the stone is of the right texture, it can be brought inside and made to integrate with the overall décor exquisitely.

However, over a period of time, the exterior cladding may weather and fade or change texture while the interior cladding will remain the same. Use the right materials and get them installed by cladding professionals to get the desired effect. Do a thorough market research and choose perfect cladding based on the design of your home, weather conditions and your specific preference.


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