Vinyl Cladding and Aluminium Cladding for your Home's Exterior


Exterior Cladding: A Crucial Barrier Against the Elements

Exterior cladding is an important layer of materials for your home, which protect against the harsh conditions of weather patterns as well as sound. The cladding often consists of multiple materials with their own respective areas of importance. For example: a home with an exterior veneer of brick, stone or wood will also have exterior cladding, which includes moisture resistant wrapping, insulation and other materials to safeguard the interior of the home. Think of exterior cladding as a smart way to guard against water, volatile temperature changes, wind and solar damage. In fact, exterior cladding is a smart investment every homeowner should make.

Concerning potential damage from moisture, exterior cladding includes waterproof layers, sealant and flashing materials that guard against this threat. This form of cladding is extremely important, since water damage can be costly to repair and threaten the value of a home. The sealant and flashing materials also repel any moisture that may penetrate the cladding.

Exterior cladding also safeguards a home from temperature changes. The many layers of material in the cladding work to maintain consistent temperatures, despite outside extremes of heat or cold. These benefits contribute to lower energy costs and increased comfort in a room or living space.

Exterior cladding lessens the effect of wind and solar damage as well. The cladding materials can tolerate strong winds, a major benefit during severe thunderstorms or tornadoes. With these advantages, exterior cladding is a wise option for homeowners who want maximum comfort and real value. These benefits are an asset for any consumer or homeowner.


Congratulations on your staff! Michael has been most helpful as has his superior in Brisbane, with advice and support to an elderly lady who was being bullied by another company. John is a real craftsman. We couldn’t ask for a better Job. All have been unfailingly polite and I felt comfortable having them around my […]

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I wish to thank Abbey Constructions for the job carried out on the Mundubbera Sub Branch RSL Hall and make note of the excellent workmanship of Wade Roughsedge. We cannot speak highly enough of his dedication to carrying out the work at such a high standard and his friendly demeanour.

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I’m pleased to say that we had not a single problem with any of the cladding that we purchase from Abbey, which is a testament to the product and the work done by your local installer.

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We are writing to you to thank you for the most professional service we have ever received from a Company or tradesmen. I am pleased to say that Abbey did the most amazing job in cladding our rather large house and pulled out all the stops to have it completed

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We are writing to let you know how happy we are with the thermalboard cladding you put on our house. It has totally transformed our house from an old fibro house to a nicer newer looking home. We are also very happy with the colour, which matches in perfectly with everything and the quality of […]

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I would like to say thank you for the wonderful work completed on our house. The Abbey Thermalboard has made a remarkable difference to our home. We now have an attractive modern exterior which is easy to maintain and is cost effective.

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Dear Sir, Thanks to your product, our home will be virtually maintenance free for our life-time. It will certainly save us money as we will be almost free from painting forever. I also want to praise the workmanship, which was done with expertise and professionalism All in all we are extremely happy with our new […]

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